What started as an addition to our aromatherapy range has now become the most significant part of our business.
After making candles for over 12 years, teaching has become a passion and our focus.

Our classes take you step by step through the process making candle and soap making as easy as possible to follow. We do not over complicate the process and that way it is an enjoyable process. Men, women and children have all enjoyed the experience.

Once you go through one of our classes you will be confident enough to make candles for any situation.

We run our workshops in various venues and classes can be customised to suit groups and team building events. We’ve taught for Laneway Learning venues in the CBD , at Gasworks Arts Park – Albert Park, CERES in Brunswick, MRFEC and also at our home base in South Gisborne.

We look forward to doing business with you and keeping your home full of our gorgeous candle, delicious smelling candles and inspired enough to make your own products!

Nick and Frosa Katsis