Candle Articles

    • Hosting a Soy Candle Party
      [Home-Based-Business] There is no doubting that Party Plan is popular. Just look at the success of companies such as Tupperware and Bessemer. There are now lingerie parties, jewelery parties, shoe & clothes parties etc. With the proven success of party plan for a range of products there is no reason you couldn’t make a success of candle parties. Women love to go to parties and candle parties are so excitingly different.
    • Exhibiting Your Candles & Associated Products at a Home Show
      [Business:Sales] There are so many different ways to sell candles. Home Shows are a perfect way to exhibit, educate, sell and promote Soy Candles to customers that are in the mood for spending. Here we present a number of key issues that help you take advantage of this opportunity. Selling can be one of the most exciting parts of your business when you know how to do it properly and remember candles are a high demand consumable product that people want to use and you do not have to explain, how it works, what is does and why they should buy it.
    • Running a Candle Making Workshop – Soy Candles
      [Home-and-Family:Parties] As an alternative to standard Party Plan consider running a Candle Making Party. The best way to get people interested in soy candles is to show them how to make them rather than showing them finished candles. This will get participants excited about what they can make & buy. Particularly important for promoting your business and products.
    • Selling Your Candles – Operating a Successful Market Stall
      [Business:Sales] Operating a successful market stall to sell your candles or for that matter any other product is not that hard if you do it the right way. Many potential stall holders fail because they have no idea about how to set up their stall, treat their customers or present their products. I hope with my experience both as a stallholders and a market manager I can give you an insight into operating a successful business.
    • Selling Your Soy Candles Through Fundraising
      [Business:Sales] Many organizations depend on fundraising to provide much-needed funds. Candles can provide a new, innovative, healthy and safe income for these groups! Many groups that have traditionally sold pies, chocolates and other items are happy to hear that we can provide them with a new way to raise funds and get away from unhealthy products and a saturated marketplace! Soy Candles provide not only an alternative to traditionally fundraising products, but they also offer an environmental benefit. Soy is clean burning and the wax is biodegradable. As a result the jars can be washed in hot, soapy water for easy recycling. The perfect item for environmentally conscious groups.
    • Selecting The Right Candle Centre Piece For Your Wedding Venue
      [Relationships:WeddingTips and ideas on selecting the most appropriate table center piece for your wedding reception venue.A simple candle center piece can add that special finishing touch to a table setting. Enhance your wedding d├ęcor by selecting colors and fragrances to suit your wedding theme. Whatever candles you choose they are sure to add that special glow and ambiance to your reception venue.
    • Emu Oil – What Is It & What Are The Benefits?
      [Health-and-Fitness:Alternative]Emu Oil has over the past few years established itself as a oil that has many benefits in skin care and for the treatment in arthritis and muscular pain. We answer many of the questions posed by our customers.
    • Wedding Favors and Bomboneire – Making The Right Choice
      [Relationships:Wedding] Wedding favors are mementos given by newlyweds to their wedding guests as a gift for sharing their very special day. The gesture of giving wedding favors can be traced back to ancient times and has in the past been traditionally linked to European culture.
    • Making The Most Os A Soy Massage Candle By Using Emu Oil
      The benefits and uses of emu oil has been well established since the industry started in Victoria in the early 90’s. Most people know of it’s inclusion as an ingredient in arthritic creams, capsules and as a soothing oil for skin problems and irritation, but have you ever thought of the many other uses.It is considered one of the best emollients meaning that it mixes well with other ingredients making it a vital ingredient for natural skin care: but wait there’s more!It is well known as a base for massage oils, balms, ointments etc but did you know that it can also an an added bonus in massage soy candle.
    • How To Make A Massage Or Spa candle
      So, why would you use a soy massage candle. Well, there are three benefits to using one of our soy massage candles.1/ It is an aromatherapy candle (we only use essential oils as they are used on the skin), so you are getting the benefits of the essential oils. 2/ Moisturising (because we have blended the soy with moisturising & soothing emu oil and almond oil) & 3/ It is a warm massage oil (because the flame warms it to approx. 40 C and normal body temp is approx. 38 C)